Preparing for your baby’s Open heart surgery….

I am not even sure what to write. I am not even sure how to do this. How do you prepare for something so foreign?

I have had so many thoughts and feeling running through me. Trying to process everything and gear myself up for this day. Tomorrow we will travel to the northern end of our state for pre-op & then I will have to hand my tiny guy over to the heart team for 6-7 hours. How do you gear up for that?

The rollercoaster of emotions that I have been feeling these passed 11 months are not for the weak. And being in my final stage of pregnancy while gearing up for this has been a lot, trying to stay grounded and level-headed as much as I possibly can. I guess all I can really do is focus on the positive, focus on my amazing little boy and all that he is. Know that he is stronger than most ever predicted, he will rock this. Focus on the incredible support system we have and our other kids who will be waiting to give him all the healing love you could ever imagine. Put trust in a higher power and amazing surgeons. These next few days I would much rather skip out on, I would much rather never go through what we are about to go through but harder days seem to help remind us of the beauty in this life in some crazy way.

Here’s to gearing up for unknown waters but knowing we are getting one step closer to a better quality of life for our baby bear. IMG_20170924_121204772-2

Author: kasstu

I am a wifey & have been with my husband since 2001, we have 5 amazing kids who I have been able to stay home & raise. Life is a constant lesson & I'm thankful for the growth. Trying to remember to see the good in all things & to trust my journey. 💚

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