Seeing the good in our days

Let’s be honest, sometimes it is hard to see the good. Sometimes everything seems to just suck, I get it, I have been there & I still can slip into that place, it’s not difficult to do. The thing is though, that being in the spot makes a difficult life.

I, like everyone else, have many things that go on in my life or around me that seem “less than perfect”. I wake up everyday and almost right off the bat am starting therapies with my son trying to help him to reach his full potential. I admit that in his almost year and a half of life, I’ve gotten bummed out or down when I sat down and chose to let his delays or “medical stuff” fester within me. It is easy to sit and kind of get a “poor me” attitude, easy to get into that place but not ideal to live in that mindset & it certainly will not help him get where he is trying to be by me being that person.

I know we have different challenges than a lot of other people. I am not being blind to the fact that he has many hurdles to leap over, but I don’t particularly see the good in focusing on these trials. I don’t see the benefit for him or me or anyone reading my posts to continuously harp on these things. You know when you are trying to get somewhere & you are maybe running a little bit late & you start to stress out. You start to get frustrated and then it seems like you hit every single red light & are stuck behind every slow driver in town? I strongly believe that when you start to stress and make it your goal to focus on the bad more bad things or “hurdles” will pop up in your path. I am not trying to make anything more difficult for my sweet boy, he doesn’t need anything added to his plate. I do want to add though that I am not saying that you should never be down, sometimes you need to allow yourself to just feel. I am saying though to not let yourself get stuck there, feel the feels, grieve if you must and then press on, power through, move onward and upward.

If you start your days with a grateful heart it really is a game changer. I have gone through my IG & FB, for example, and I have unfollowed pages, people, whatever it is that don’t add to my day, just that one little thing make a huge impact on how my day flows. I am choosing to see the good things in my life, in my day to day. There is so much in this beautiful life to be grateful for.

Author: kasstu

I am a wifey & have been with my husband since 2001, we have 5 amazing kids who I have been able to stay home & raise. Life is a constant lesson & I'm thankful for the growth. Trying to remember to see the good in all things & to trust my journey. 💚

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