Family Photos…anxiety & success

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Back in September a friend tagged me in a giveaway on Instagram for a gift certificate from a local photographer. I entered and ended up winning a $200 dollars towards a session (on my birthday of all days).

I was so excited! With both Darren and I having a back ground in photography we have been so used to doing photos ourselves without too much trouble. The last family photo set up, however, didn’t go as smoothly. We have added little people and one of those little people, with his light-sensitive eyes, make our “backdrop selection” quite limited. I knew after that time that unless we want to continue swapping heads from multiple pics to try to create one decent photo we had better seek outside help.

When I first spoke with Megan, of Megan Leech Photography, I thought I wanted birth photos, or even photos right after Kadence was born. And then straight panic set in. With all of the unexpected surprises that I had just gone through surrounding Kenai’s birth less than a year prior to that day, I was so nervous that the picture I had in my mind wouldn’t formulate into real life. I quickly changed my mind and then set a date for after Kadence was born, for family photos of the 7 of us & once she no longer looked like a squished up newborn (but let’s be honest, this girl has been beautiful from minute one 😉 ).  The closer however we came to our picture date I had some fierce anxiety surrounding our session. I wanted so badly for our photos to capture our family, but I have shot sessions for families with just one baby ( 3 & under are HARD ages lol) and on top of that Kenai doesn’t like to open his eyes outside & he can’t completely hold up his own head yet & with those things going on he doesn’t always “smile on que” lol. I honestly almost cancelled, I was a ball of stress! I talked with Megan and asked if maybe instead of a Southern Utah, traditional desert landscape photo session, if we could try in town around buildings, for the shade factor. Megan was so accommodating & came up with the perfect location for our clan.

For the past 4 weeks, since our shoot, I have been on pins & needles to see our photos. This morning, after waking up at 4 a.m. with 2 tiny people & once I had my coffee, I opened my email. Our photos!! I am so happy & so thankful for these photos & Megan’s work. She captured our family, that was all I could have hoped for.

Author: kasstu

I am a wifey & have been with my husband since 2001, we have 5 amazing kids who I have been able to stay home & raise. Life is a constant lesson & I'm thankful for the growth. Trying to remember to see the good in all things & to trust my journey. 💚

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