What a “good nurse” means…

This week is ‘Nurses Week’ and I feel like I can’t go through this week without showing my appreciation for a few of our favorite humans.

I’ve met many nurses. I’ve had little communication with some nurses and quite a bit in other situations.  I have had nurses that I’m not sure if they knew what they were doing and others I loved and when I was their patient either way was ok for me, I could deal. I never truly learned how much I appreciate a good nurse though, until my own baby had days and days of “touch and go” situations. I now know what a “good nurse” means to me.

There are plenty that might be good at their job but that still isn’t enough to give your mama heart peace of mind when you have to be miles away from your child, or let’s be honest, sometimes when you just have to step away to use the bathroom or eat. I have nurses that I love so SO much! Ones that I honestly think about a lot & know how much they not only helped our little man but carried me, too.

To me a good nurse knows her game, yes, of course that is so important, but for me it’s  those that stepped above that are my favorites. The ones that met me at the door to prep me when my little boy had just had to be bagged, more than a few times to try & make sure I didn’t walk right into a scary situation, the ones that texted me photos throughout the day when I had to be out of the hospital & it was hurting my heart to not be there but I am the mama to more than one who needed me, the ones that loved on my baby & held and rocked him, the ones that made sure he was looking as cute as could be despite the cords and tubes and reality of that moment, the ones that let me pick his bedding (little things like that are so important and at times you feel robbed when you feel like you are missing out), the ones that genuinely asked “how are you doing” when you sat and rocked your baby in a hospital instead of in your own home and then didn’t act weirded out when you sat and sobbed all over, the ones that didn’t point out your baby’s differences and stood next to you and awed over him instead, the ones that supported your every wish and decision, the ones that offered to capture moments with your baby instead of you having to ask if they take a cell phone picture and then them acting “put off” the ones that sat with you and just listened after every new surprise or medical diagnosis was given, the ones that hugged you and cried with you as your baby was taken away on life flight, the ones that made sure your other kids felt loved each time they came in the hospital room, the ones that took your two-year old in the other room to play legos so you could have a few minutes with your baby before they loaded him on life flight, the ones on life flight texting you updates throughout the flight as he flew 5 hours away from you, the ones on that life flight that made sure to come and hug you at the new “big  hospital” full of unfamiliar everything, the ones that checked on you throughout your weeks there, the ones who set up a beautiful welcome home room when he was back transported, the ones who still to this day check in with us (even stopping by the house months later as we prepped for open heart surgery)…those are our nurses, those are our people. We have since met new nurses and great nurses, but it’s hard to beat those favorite nurses at Dixie, still we appreciate when we are blessed with an incredible nurse, worth their weight in gold. I honestly wish I could bring you all lunch everyday! I also wish I had pictures of all of our favorites but I’m sharing the ones I do happen to have. Thank you for being amazing, we are so lucky to have had you all in our world! Forever grateful!

Author: kasstu

I am a wifey & have been with my husband since 2001, we have 5 amazing kids who I have been able to stay home & raise. Life is a constant lesson & I'm thankful for the growth. Trying to remember to see the good in all things & to trust my journey. 💚

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